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BAN Summer Mixer 2017
Created by: Hameed on 08/14/2017, Last modified by Hameed on 08/14/2017.   Contains 58 total images.
Photo Fader
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Created by: Andrea on 06/16/2011, Last modified by AllisonHenning on 10/29/2014.   Contains 11 total images.
IBAR Weekend
Illinois Black Alumni Reunion 2012.
Created by: Kyle on 06/30/2014, Last modified by Kyle on 06/30/2014.   Contains 160 total images.
BAN Super Bowl Party
Created by: Kyle on 02/24/2014, Last modified by Kyle on 02/24/2014.   Contains 10 total images.
Homecoming 2013
Created by: Kyle on 12/03/2013, Last modified by Kyle on 12/03/2013.   Contains 34 total images.
Legacy at Room 43
Created by: Kyle on 08/06/2012, Last modified by Kyle on 08/06/2012.   Contains 41 total images.
BAN reunion kick-off at Park 52
Black Alumni Network Park 52 spring scholarship event March 31, 2012
Created by: Kyle on 04/10/2012, Last modified by Kyle on 05/21/2012.   Contains 92 total images.
B.A.N. Reunion 2008
Black Alumni Reunion 2009 at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Created by: Kyle on 08/22/2011, Last modified by Kyle on 08/22/2011.   Contains 144 total images.